The Birth of an Entrepreneur

After I was fired as the CEO of a Berkshire Hathaway company, a forced transition was upon me.

A whole new path before me was going to have to materialize. My old world was now truly gone.

When I went to bed and slept that night it was clear that I would awaken as a new person. 

I knew that Home Services Berkshire Hathaway thought they had just fired a CEO, which they had done. But what they had really done was birth a pent-up entrepreneur. 

I knew instinctively the Universe was moving forward in my favor. I had the attitude “what if everything goes right?!” 

I kept that mindset every day, that in every situation the Universe was conspiring in my favor and all was going to go right. Much of the time it did and things just flowed. 

During this time unexpected partnerships and new business relationships were formed. Past associates and vendors came out in droves to help me and be of service during a time I needed it most. 

It really felt like magic was being created right before my eyes as I watched every new milestone manifest as I forged a new path.

In these times many people are experiencing similar major transitions where they are leaving the comfortable and safe corporate job and venturing into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship. 

If you are experiencing a similar transition in your career, I can provide much-needed guidance. 

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