Last week I was interviewed on The Mark Struczewski Podcast where we had a lively talk that focused on my time with Warren Buffett, being purpose-driven, the importance of goal setting, and how it is imperative that we take time to disconnect.

Mark and I also talk about boldness, life as a game of Whack-A-Mole, intentionality, having a personal balance sheet, life plan maps, why you’re here, how to embrace quiet, and more.

Show Notes

  • Intro and Steve’s quick bio
  • What was Warren Buffett like? And what makes him special.
  • The importance of reading and how high achievers are prolific readers.
  • Being a Spiritual Business Activist
  • Steve on being purpose-driven
  • Having a business plan AND a life plan
  • The importance of eliminating things you don’t need
  • Steve’s technique for setting goals and seeing them through
  • Discovering your purpose and finding your purpose later in life
  • Taking time to disconnect and be in silence
  • Scheduling time for yourself

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