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How Do You Infuse Soul, Spirit, and Meaning into a Successful Business & Life?

Drawing from his robust and successful career as a corporate and entrepreneurial leader, Stephen Rodgers will show you and your audience the dos and don’ts of real and full success. IGI (Inviting GOoD In) is the exact fuel needed to drive forward your biggest mission in business and in life.

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Steve is known for uplifting thousands of audiences with powerful messages on Servant Leadership, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, Managerial Mastery, the Key Drivers to Scaling Success, and much more. Every lesson Steve teaches has been successfully tested over decades on multiple business platforms including Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential, and at the International Rotary Convention to ensure that your audience experiences a lasting personal and professional transformation.

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A talk on how leaders can overcome any obstacle and turn challenges into great opportunities, creating the mindset and attitude that will help you thrive in any environment. Steve covers how to get the most value out of your current business skills and assets, while discovering how to leverage what holds us back. Participants learn how to transform challenges into valuable assets that propel you and your team to the next level. Finally, Stephen discusses how to create your own formula that helps lead others to even greater success. Learning this formula opens up unlimited possibilities within your leader’s ability, desires, and confidence!
Lead to Gold
Motivational Keynote Speaker


This talk focuses on what inspires and drives sales teams to their highest potential, both individually and as a team. Salespeople are the lifeblood of any organization. Understanding how to keep them inspired, engaged, productive, and evolving to their highest potential serves them and the organization. Mindset, confidence, finely-tuned skills, accountability, and reward are just a few of the many items in the formula that can lead to long-lasting and record-breaking sales teams. Steve has hired and trained thousands of salespeople over the years, so he has come to uniquely understand how to get them to overcome their deepest fears and roadblocks and unleash their greatest gold within themselves. In turn, this creates increased performance, raving customers, and higher sales. It will also lead to longer-term relationships and cut down on the high turnover many companies experience. This is truly a win-win that can benefit everyone involved for their own highest good!


We all know attracting customers and keeping them engaged and happy is key to the success of our businesses. In this talk, Steve explores how to better communicate and engage with your customers through all of your communication points. Whether it is the front desk, administration, sales, or customer service departments – everyone must take responsibility in their role in keeping the client happy, satisfied, and raving about all that you do. Beyond the one-on-one interactions, there needs to be an overall sense of company goodwill that is obvious to the team and the public. How can we maximize random acts of kindness to reflect the soul of the company? Is it possible to promote goodwill while staying within the vision that leadership has set? “Doing well by doing good” is not just a phrase, it is a way of life and must be in the DNA of your company at every level. When others know how much you care and how passionately you exude this, your company will excel. Your clients see it, feel it, and experience it, so they realize you are more than just for profit — you are “for benefit.” And in this day and age, hearing negative news everyday, most everyone will resonate with “doing well by doing good!” This talk has left audiences with more desire, passion, and skills to better their customers, the company, and the world!
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Transforming Fear into Excitement

We all have fear; it is within each and every one of us at any given time. Anyone who tells you they are not afraid is either in denial or lying (probably out of fear!). This talk, explores the origin of fear and how it can affect us in every area of our life, be it professional or personal.

Fear can take many forms and expressions, including frustration, anger, sabotage, procrastination, ego, overcompensating, pushing, boasting, yelling, not speaking, lashing out, and running away. The key is not to eliminate fear but to recognize it and transform it as quickly as you can into the power you deserve. Steve takes the attendees on a journey through original fear-based stories that lead to amazing triumphs. We explore how to recognize fear in yourself and others and how you can immediately take action to use that fear to propel you even faster and deeper toward your desired goals and dreams.

Wherever the biggest fear in your life is – stop, take a deep breath, and run there. Yes, right towards it! It is here you will find great power and create your own “Lead to Gold” formula in your life! Adopting this mindset can dramatically impact your leadership, sales teams, staff, and communications. You will see how acknowledging and transforming fear can be the most life-changing shift you can take!

“Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail
to keep the attention of their listeners.”
-Dale Carnegie

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