Advisory Roles

Here are some items to consider in this arena and possible need.

Building and Sustaining Your Group of Advisors

To build and sustain a strong group of advisors / advocates will require 4 simple steps

Step 1:
Know what you need advisors / ambassadors / advocates to accomplish

Step 2:
Determine whether or not (or how often) you want your advisors to meet

Step 3:
Create job descriptions / lists of expectations

Step 4:
Create a list of candidates for each type of task, recruit them, and let them get to work!

High-Potential Advisor Roles

The highest potential for a group of advisors / ambassadors / advocates is to provide engaged support for your work in the community.

The logical first step in building your team is therefore to know what kinds of support you need. Here are just some of the tasks your organization may need community support to accomplish: We can help in any of these roles.

  • Engagement & communication / ambassadors for the mission
  • Advocacy for public policy
  • Speaking gigs (both getting engagements & doing the actual speaking)
  • Raising money
  • Advising on programs / helping with organizational planning
  • Having high profile names associated with the organization for credibility
  • Providing pro bono work to assist with other staff-driven needs

Meetings –

The assumption that an advisory group needs to have regular meetings is just that – an assumption. If what you need is individuals who will get work done, sometimes that requires convening together, and sometimes it does not. You need concentrated results and action oriented advisors who can keep meetings to a minimum.

Set Your Expectations-

We help determine that right up front. Roles, board needs, job descriptions, tasks, timelines for completion, accountability to track and measure results

Bottom line these are very key and specific skills someone who requires a board would need as they grow their company and scale to meet their desired goals and objectives.

We have years of combined experience to help advise, guide and counsel you in any of these areas and more as stated above. Reach out and give us a call we can discuss all of your needs in detail.

Alchemy is a process of using all the right amounts of perfected chemicals and ingredients to create the desired elements and outcome. Let us help you create the right formula for you, your team and company.

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”
– Erica Jong