I recently appeared on The Growth Zone hosted by Christian Bartsch.

We talked about the differences between being a high-level Corporate CEO, a small business owner, and a serial entrepreneur. We also discuss how company leaders can create more productivity, profit, and purpose in their businesses.

The Growth Zone – Oct 10, 2020

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Show Notes

  • Steve’s journey from leaving home at 17 to moving to California and working in the restaurant business, to getting into real estate and then starting his own real estate company.
  • Being a purpose-driven entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and consultant.
  • Being a navy kid and seeing the gigantic ships and airplanes as a child.
  • On necessity being the mother of invention. How businesses are changing and being created.
  • Zoom becoming such a profitable company recently.
  • The fear companies face when they have the opportunity to make a shift.
  • Choosing to make a change rather than being forced into it.
  • Spiritual Intelligence and finding out what life is all about.
  • The hole in the soul that everyone is seeking to fill. It can only be filled by spirituality.
  • The importance of making sure that we are tracking and evaluating our business for intangible qualities such as purpose, happiness, and meaning.
  • How the real estate market right now is actually better than it has been in years.
  • The challenge for commercial business owners with large spaces.
  • The importance of companies being flexible with allowing their employees to work from home.
  • How worldwide telecommunication is changing the way businesses operate.
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur.
  • Business owners and leaders have a great opportunity right now to do things better for the customer, employee, and the world.
  • Steve’s new book The IGI Principles. Ego and Igi.
  • Steve’s daily mantra: “Are you coming from ego or are you coming from Igi?”
  • How to integrate your spiritual values into your day to day life and especially your work or business.

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