For years, I’ve been thinking about, talking about, and working to implement what I call “Spiritual Intelligence” into my life and business.

Because of my focus in this area, I’ve come to specialize in helping people in integrating their deeper purpose and values into every aspect of their business.

Our culture often emphasizes and places importance on the more intellectual intelligence of IQ at the exclusion of all other forms of intelligence. Therefore, we all often have not developed our spiritual muscle, so to speak.


So I was pleasantly surprised to recently discover that years ago a book had been written on the idea of Spiritual Intelligence, or SQ by Ian Marshall and Danah Zohar.

The authors of the book posit that there is a third type of intelligence in addition to IQ(Intellectual Intelligence) and EQ(Emotional Intelligence) and they say that “The full picture of human intelligence can be completed with a discussion of our spiritual intelligence”.

They call this missing aspect of our understanding of human intelligence ‘SQ’ or Spiritual Intelligence, and they make a great case why SQ is the most fundamental and important form of intelligence.

We can all look at our life and work and consider how a deeper spiritual approach to things can not only make your life happier, but also make your business and work more productive and profitable.

Meeting One Of The Thought Leaders In SQ

Although I have heard it referenced and come to my own internal understanding of Spiritual Intelligence, it was an honor to recently meet Danah, as one of the people who first starting writing about it and actually coined the phrase “Spiritual Intelligence”.

I’ve recently reached out and made contact with Dana Zohar. We had a great conversation and are making plans to continue working together.

Her newest book, The Quantum Leader, takes the ideas of SQ even further in the realm of business. Both are on my desk and night stand so I can absorb them both and share with you in the weeks and months ahead.

I look forward to having Danah on my new Podcast The Alchemy of Business that will be debuting in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ll be featuring ideas and insights from the book in the next few newsletters.

Stay tuned!

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