I recently went on Jeff Smith’s podcast for the second time where we talked about a wide range of topics, including how we all have our personal “COVID” moments in our own lives.

Steve Rodgers Returns – IGI Principles: Invite God In – Vroom Vroom Veer – 8/17/2020

Show Notes

  • Steve’s spiritual practice runs all day! Starts and ends with mediation and connecting with the breath
  • Body, being, bonds, and Business the four B’s on Steve’s scorecard
  • Inspired by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra; loved the idea of the ego meaning E.G.O being Edge God Out
  • Turned that around with I.G.I invite Good (God) in; which became his new book
  • Talked about “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black man” a new show on YouTube; I got the football player’s name wrong…sorry it’s Emmanuel Acho, not Emmanuel Sanders
  • Steve and I agree as a white guy it is definitely uncomfortable talking about race with anybody but it really needs to happen
  • We also talked about the movie “13th” on Netflix which suggests that racism is baked into our government at some very deep levels

Links to Material Mentioned in the Show

Unconformable Conversations with a Black Man

13th (Film)

My first Episode on Vroom Vroom Vreer

You can find more of my podcast appearances on the Media section of the site.