On Friday the 18th of September, I am excited to officially release my book The IGI Principles!

This book lays out my philosophy of IGI, or Inviting God and Goodness In, and how it can transform your life.  I cover seven foundational principles such as gratitude, integrity, forgiveness, and service that are essential for success, abundance, and happiness.

This marks the start of a new journey for me and I would love to have a bit more of your support in sharing these positive messages.

I am shooting for a big launch day to create momentum going forward and so am trying to get all hands on deck to help spread the word and get my book into as many hands as possible.

That’s where you come in.

The spirit of IGI that runs through my new book is all about paying it forward, doing well by doing good, and sharing the positive energy of good people and good ideas.

As someone I consider a friend and ambassador who has empowered and inspired me over and over again – I would be greatly appreciative if you would take just a few minutes to share a message on your social media network that highlights my book. 

I have set up a Spiral Share campaign here.  At that link, you will find ready-made social swipes for the social media platform of your choice, book excerpts,  as well as a few email templates that you can use to send out to your list if you wish.  Spiral Share makes it really simple to share my ready-to-go swipes – just follow the link and you are all set. 

If you wrote a testimonial for me to use in my book or for my marketing campaign, that would also be a great message to share on your social media with the link to the book’s Amazon page

As everything in life is an exchange of energy, your contribution to my work will surely be a powerful flow of goodness. And as always, I am happy to contribute to you and your work in any way that I can. 

Again, here is the link to the social swipes.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can support you in any way.

In friendship, 



You may have received an email from me a few days ago offering you the opportunity to get a complimentary copy of the kindle version of the book. Here is the link to Amazon if you would like to grab the complimentary ebook version or buy the physical book. 

And if you do so, it would be great if you could also leave a quick review and rating.  This helps me get more exposure on Amazon so that more people are exposed to the book.  

Thanks you for your support!