Labors of love come in many forms. And there are millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide who daily express their service to others through their work in the world.

Recently, we celebrated Labor Day on what was probably one of the most unusual ones since it was designated a national holiday in 1894.

It is a tragic irony that the holiday honoring the hard work and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States took place despite the fact that a large percentage of the nation’s workforce is prevented from working. 

To honor Labor Day 2020 I would like to thank the frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, police officers, emergency personnel. Also not to be forgotten are those who continue to do their jobs to keep this country running despite the risks, such as bus drivers, farmers, grocery store workers, and countless others in all manner of occupations. 

The Labor of Love

As the Mother Teresa quote above alludes to, these people inspire us not only due to the fact that they keep working through such adversity, but that they do it with a positive attitude. 

All of these individuals are truly engaged in labors of love in their service to their countrymen and women.

Whether you are able to continue working now, you’ve had to cut back, or you are completely unable to work, I hope that you can take time this week to reflect on the meaning of work.

Your work is much more than just earning a paycheck but in the greater sense of the word, your Work is your purpose and gift to the world.  And you can do that no matter what the external situation of the job market may be.

In fact, this time may be the perfect time to use the extra time and space available to you to start that business you have always dreamed of starting, write that book that has been forming in your mind, or begin that project that you have wanted to do but didn’t have the time.

If you need someone to talk to to help you get your new idea, project, or business off the ground, I would be glad to have a digital sit-down and help help you find your Great Work so that you may share it with the world.

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