Actions turn into results when one pays the right amount of attention, shows full involvement in the work, and is consistent in that work. This can be achieved by those who have the power to control their mind and emotions. 

We become what our mind thinks. We are nothing but a product of our own thoughts. Our thoughts and energies continuously keep creating the life we are consciously or unconsciously thinking of. So if one learns how to become selective of their thoughts and emotions, they can create the life they desire.

Where to Start?

To make your dream into reality, the first thing required is that you must be crystal clear on your dream. 

The following steps can be considered for achieving your dream:

  • Know Your Vision

You should choose a dream that will bring you a sense of joy and that you can’t wait to complete it. Once chosen, note it down on a piece of paper. After that, you should calculate the time required for achieving that dream. Make sure to be specific with the timelines that you are thinking. This keeps you connected with your dream and gives you a better chance of achieving it on time.

  • Create a Plan 

Once the goal is clear in your mind, then it is time for you to create a plan. This step is very important for fulfilling your vision and should not be undermined at any cost. A good plan is essential when you want to achieve something. So think of the ways through which your dream can be achieved and create a plan.

  • Get into Action

When your plan is all ready, it is the time for action. While you act on your plan, remember to stay determined and focused. Most people are able to complete the first two steps, but when it comes to the action they lose their determination after a few days or weeks. 

In order to stay focused, the first thing is to be deeply identified with the goal. If you have a goal that you want to achieve at any cost, your body and mind themselves generate the power to keep going.

Also, you should set milestones for the work that you are doing. This way you get a sense of accomplishment when you achieve a target. You gain energy to work for the next milestone and are able to achieve your dream without a struggle.


Transforming your vision into reality can be achieved if you stay committed to the work that you are doing. All you need to do is believe in your vision and stay determined and focused on achieving it. Once you have enough passion for your dream, you will surely figure out the way to achieve it and make it a reality in your life.