In this recent podcast episode, I had a good discussion with Dr. Mark Goulston about my wakeup call after hitting rock bottom from alcoholism, my subsequent spiritual awakening, and how I integrated this new consciousness into my work and the lives of the clients and companies I work with.

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About the My Wakeup Call Podcast

I’m Dr. Mark Goulston, and this is My Wakeup Call. Everybody has wakeup calls, but not everybody wakes up.

In this podcast, we speak to people who did. In fact, they not only woke up, but their wakeup call changed their life, and changed how they would spend the rest of their life. In every case, the wakeup call was not pleasant, sought-after, and usually shook people to the core of their being. But in every case, it made our guests more authentic, better at life, better in life, and better human beings.

I hope you will listen-in and become as inspired as I am from every episode. I also hope it will help you persevere if you are going through a wakeup call and haven’t yet gotten through the pain of it, or landed in your future as the better person you’re meant to be, with the better life that you’re meant to have.