What is the connection between voting and energy?

And to what extent does our single vote impact our world?

Things are heating up as we approach this highly polarizing U.S. election. Many are and will be voting for their candidate of choice, while a significant portion of the public doesn’t vote at all. Unfortunately, in this political system that is often less than fair and transparent, we may feel like our voice and our vote doesn’t matter.

However, it is important that we keep in mind that the universe is always receiving our energetic “vote” and giving us back the reality we are choosing with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

While I highly encourage everyone to vote in elections, the physical act of going to the ballot box and checking the box next to a certain person’s name may actually be the least powerful method of voting at our disposal. 

Voting is one way that we can express our convictions and values, but there are also many other ways.  You could even say that every moment of every day we are “voting” as to who we are and what world we choose to live in by where we put our energy.

However you vote, be sure to do with full consciousness of what exactly you are putting your energy and consent behind.

I am honored and proud to have the right to vote, and this week I exercised that right.  And yes I am going to trust our US Post office to deliver my choice!

Even more, I trust in a higher power to likewise always deliver my vote exactly where it needs to go.