In a state of meditation and silence, there is a knowingness.

If you’re alert and present in the moment you are more aware of the beauty all around you. You notice how the trees bristle in the wind and how sunrises and sunsets are even more magnificent than you remembered.

You may notice the sun bounce just so off your windshield. You’ll see a little baby giggle, or watch a dog joyfully play with a ball in the yard. You may see the heightened light of spirit in people’s eyes.

In those moments there’s a knowingness that answers unspoken questions. There is a little tug at your heart or your soul that answers your question or gives you insight on some direction to take. You may sense a prompting to call someone, read a book, listen to a song, or to write something down.

Those promptings are from listening to God, being open, and in-flow. 

I call this listening to the inner knowingness “IGI“, or Inviting God and Goodness In.

Living in IGI is a moment-to-moment practice of coming back to the center of your being and acting from that infinite knowing which is available when you dig down deep enough to allow it to unfold in your life. 

I hope that you can create little spaces to discover that silence in your daily life.

My new book will offer insights and strategies for doing just this and will be launching within the next week

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