Is about living in IGI: Inviting God/Good In
Rather than EGO:
Edging God/Good Out

Today, September 18th, 2020 is the release of my new book The IGI Principles!

This book lays out my philosophy of IGI, or Inviting God and Goodness In, and how it can transform your business and your life. 

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My second book after the Amazon Bestseller Lead to Gold, the idea for this book was born many years ago when I was inspired by Wayne Dyer’s statement that “Ego” means “Edging God Out”.  

The realization hit me that the opposite of EGO is IGI: “Inviting God In”.

In this book, I lay out my IGI philosophy while offering seven foundational principles including gratitude, integrity, forgiveness, and service that are essential for success, abundance, and happiness.

The IGI Principles help you discover your unique gifts and guide you in sharing them with the world as a spiritual being in this human experience.

These principles and strategies apply to all forms of professional work, whether the individual is a solopreneur, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, or an employee in a company of any size.

If you are seeking to bring Spiritual Intelligence into both your life and your business or work this book will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for you.

This book is the distilled essence of what I have learned from decades of leading businesses while integrating my spiritual practice and experiencing massive success, abundance, and fulfillment as a result.

“Each moment leaders, and all people, are either Edging Good Out or Inviting Good In. This is their choice, and they are always receiving the fruits of their choices.”

There are books and teachings that help you achieve business success, and there are teachings that guide you to spiritual fulfillment – but never before has there been a blueprint to achieving both.

IGI is that teaching, and this is that book!

Get The Book Here!