It was great to be on this Podcast show with Justin Francisco who was a fun and impactful host. Listen in and I hope you find value in our conversation!

91: Steve Rodgers – Inviting Good In (IGI) over Edging Good Out (EGO)Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

On this episode of Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco, the host speaks with Steve Rodgers, a former Warren Buffet CEO and bestselling author of IGI Principles. Listen as they talk about the IGI Principle, how he helped business owners and leaders achieve success and abundance, as well as his inspirational story of his family.

Episode Highlights:

Steve Rodgers specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of personal and professional lives. Steve Rodger narrated his typical weekdays, from his morning routines, his deliverable throughout the day, up to his evening routines.

Steve is currently reading several books such as The Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox. Steve usually reads a book excerpt, picks it up, absorbs it, and jumps into something else rather than reading the entire book.

Wayne Dyer is a great spiritual activist, psychologist, and therapist who said that Ego represented edging God out.

“Am I an Ego or am I an IGI” is Steve’s mantra, which turned into principles.

Steve set his relationship with his wife as an example of dealing with IGI or Ego.

Sometimes ego is in control when trying to be right.

When dealing with clients, he usually checks first if his messages are coming from IGI or Ego.

Steve programmed his thoughts with IGI as if it is a device’s operating system. Take time to pause and breathe in meditation when things are starting to heat up.

Before starting to do anything, Steve frames his thinking about preparing for an IGI mindset.

Steve starts narrating his transition point to his new journey. Steve always has the drive to do more, be more, get more when he got into a real estate business in the corporate American executive world.

Steve’s Ego served him very well for many years. However, his addiction to driving, success, and alcohol started tripping him up.

Steve’s tough, disciplinarian military father is the reason for him always trying to prove something. Steve has regretted taking action against his father, but it made him prove he can finish high school and live on his own.

Part of the essential elements of the IGI formula are forgiveness, gratitude, morality, service, trust, and prayer meditation.

Steve letting go of his financially rewarding job as a CEO wasn’t by trust, but out of necessity and fear as he was fired after 15 years of service.

He ran his real estate company for five years in the worst real estate market in history. Steve sold his real estate business and broke away from that as a purpose-driven consultant and speaker.

Steve thought that he was a good father when he was a CEO, but he realized it’s the other way around from her daughter’s perspective. His daughter told her he traumatized her by being a functional alcoholic when she was young.

Steve tells a story about how her daughter left a note on a laundry basket with empty bottles stating, “AA- You need help.”

With such realizations caused by the note from her daughter, he ended up getting help and hasn’t been drinking for 18 years.

Ego strives for serving self such as food, alcohol, adoration, praise, sex, money, material wealth. When you are giving that to the ego, you can never get enough of that.

Ego finds information and deletes other information to prove they are right.

It is hard to eradicate racism, addiction, self-destructive behavior, power because we justify the ability that we are better than the others.

Prayer and meditation is the communication with the source or higher power.

Steve’s circle of friends when he was in the mid-’50s became much smaller in a much deeper relationship.

Steve usually meets his coaches once a week to twice per month, with text messages in between.

Steve has a 5-years holistic doctor, Dr. Meltzer, who challenged him to do a vegan plant-based diet.

The excessive power that we put on money will cause a problem with our balance.

Steve is motivating young entrepreneurs, young men and women, and seniors involved in business to be more focused on passion, purpose, and spiritual connection in the world.

Steve’s definition of success is the daily connection to his higher source and being led by something besides himself.

Steve’s relationship with the source is the most important and the most successful relationship that he has.

Steve would like to say to his 18-year-old self to find ways to not damage the ones you say you love the most sooner than later.

3 Key Points:

Be in control of your Ego by programming your thoughts with IGI to have control of your emotion.

Focus on your passion, purpose, and spiritual connection with the higher source. These are the true definitions of success. Be your own best friend, love yourself, and connect with yourself despite all downfall and vulnerabilities as much as your success.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Having a conversation with someone you have known for 35 years, we sometimes feel that we can read their mind and finish their sentences, and sometimes as a human being, we feel the need to defend. “

– Steve Rodgers

“When I feel my breath starting to heat up, my heart starts to rapidly go, if I feel my mind starting to go really quickly, I know it is time for me to take a quick pause”

– Steve Rodgers

“Is that energy being projected the right way?”

– Steve Rodgers

“Am I gonna walk into this from the presence of Ego or Igy? Before I start something I frame my thinking about preparing for that mindset”

– Steve Rodgers

“I am in control with my mind, and my mind is also being controlled, and I can control my emotion by my higher being controlling my mind and my emotion.”

– Steve Rodgers

“I think a lot of people can relate to trying to prove something.”

– Justin Francisco

“Trust- I think that’s the hardest thing to tackle.”

– Justin Francisco

“I’m choosing to do this because what I am now is what I am no longer passionate about. It’s no longer serving me, and I knew I was being called to do something else, and that’s when trust really kicked in”

– Steve Rodgers

“What’s interesting about that is, how we can as humans are so unaware of what we’re creating and what we’re doing, with a whole different illusion of reality.”

– Justin Francisco

“Once the ego decides a person, policy, or political group, the mind does everything like a radar to find information to prove that they are right.”

– Steve Rodgers

“For me, prayer meditation is me connecting to source, and me connecting to a higher power.”

– Steve Rodgers

“I am my own best friend means, I can still love myself and connect with myself in spite of all those things, but because of those things”

– Steve Rodgers

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