The conversational video between Tom and Steve focuses on the fact of how knowing your higher self can be of tremendous value for you and the people around you. We, as people, tend to get stuck in our ego and don’t realize the importance of being present in every moment.

When we start to go beyond our mind and realize the power of the cosmic energy that is present all around us, we begin to transform ourselves. Also, how not knowing and not making any assumptions about anything can help you see the trueness of this life. So this is a brief and enriching conversation that will help you to understand the value of “seeking” in life as well as manifesting a more Awakened Life.

Foot Note:

Tom Kelly was born in Los Angeles in 1950 and right from his childhood, he had an aspect of devotion within himself. Later in his life, he got a deep yearning inside to explore his connection with God and he turned into a full-time Raja Yogi. He explored and engaged his life into spiritual training and lived as a monk for 25 years. Tom has been a Yoga teacher for Steve for several years and later he turned into a spiritual coach and advisor for him. They both share a strong connection of love and respect between themselves.