When you are fully present and totally open to what is occurring within and without you, you cease to Edge God and Goodness Out(ego) and instead allow it in.

I call this listening to the inner knowingness “IGI“, or Inviting God and Goodness In.

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IGI is pronounced “iggy”. Similar to Will Smith’s famous 90’s song “Get Jiggy Wit’ It”, or if you are a bit older you may know David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

Living in IGI is a moment-to-moment practice of coming back to the center of your being and acting from that infinite knowing which is available when you dig down deep enough to allow it to unfold in your life. 

IGI Moments happen when we Invite God and Goodness In.

When you do this, you may find that all people, all things, and all situations contain goodness and light – you only must be present and open enough to allow them to reveal themselves to you.

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God is in all things and all things are in God

What is an IGI Moment?

IGI moments are those experiences of grace, beauty, surrender, forgiveness, trust, and gratitude.

They are called IGI Moments because it can only happen in a moment – in a time outside of time and a place outside of space.

Because it only takes a moment to listen within, Invite Goodness In, rather than Edging Goodness Out – to live in IGI rather than EGO.

These are IGI Moments.

Try Inviting God and Goodness In and you will discover IGI Moments and synchronicity occurring every day of your life.

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