“A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.”
  – Eileen Caddy

Having an aim or a purpose in life is extremely important for living a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life. Your aim in life is what helps you build an identity as an individual. However, there are millions of people who struggle in deciding their aim. All these people are living their lives by accident and constantly looking for someone or something to blame for things happening in their lives. This is one of the main reasons that people feel anxiety, stress, and tension in their life. 

When one decides what they want from their life, they become committed to it and do whatever possible to make it happen. They start prioritizing their work according to the importance of things in their life. While fulfilling their vision, people get the strength to do things that they wouldn’t have imagined themselves doing and that is what makes their life more fulfilled. 

Reasons Why People Struggle to Find Their Purpose

There are various reasons why people struggle in life to find their aim. Below are some of those reasons:

  • Lack of Introspection

People are often too busy fulfilling the dreams of others and never pay much attention to what makes them happy. If they introspect, they will understand the meaning of life and what is best for them to do. Once they figure this out, they won’t waste any time in deciding an aim for their life.  

  • No Priorities

One of the most prominent reasons why people struggle to find an aim is that they do not have priorities in their lives. People just relentlessly keep on going in their lives without deciding what is important and what isn’t. It is essential for human beings to make priorities in life because once priorities are made, they start looking at the ways to fulfill them. There are a wide range of people who do not have any priorities set in their life, which leads them to various forms of suffering.

  • Refrain from Asking Help

Many never consider asking for help from their friends, family, or a professional. Some of them are egoistic and think nobody knows more than them, which destroys the many possibilities in their life. Some lack confidence and are not able to ask for help. Many such people fall into the trap of depression over time. 

  • Too Afraid of Career

Many people make their career such a big thing in their minds that they often get buried under the pressure of it. From a very young age, due to their surroundings or environment, people make their careers such a big thing that the only thing in their mind is earning a living. They get so involved in making money, that they never open to the option of exploring what is best for them to do. 


Every human has come with a limited amount of time in this world. So, each one of us must take some time out of our daily life, leaving behind all the compulsions, and figure out their true purpose. When one figures out what is best for them to do, they are able to find a purpose and live a joyful and accomplished life.