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Have You Been Scrambling to Fill That Elusive “Hole in Your Soul”?

I know you.

You hunger for joy and fulfilment.

You thirst for peace—deep internal peace—and you cannot find it. 
There are too many anxieties and fears in your life: fear of the future, fear
of the unknown, fear of defeat, fear of failure, fear of bankruptcy, fear of a downward-spiraling working situation, or fear of a broken relationship.

There is also the fear of tomorrow, the fear of today, even the fear of yesterday, and finally the fear of judgment.

You wish you could possess a peace that the world cannot give.

If this is your soul secret, keep reading.

The Doorway Of
No Return

“Every human being is on a transformational journey made up of distinct acts.
It’s easy to recognize each chapter based on critical events called “doorways of no return”

Hi Fellow Seeker,

My name is Steve Rodgers, and I’ve been on a journey for “more” for as long as I can remember.

My quest has taken me from an obsession for success in corporate America which eventually led to becoming the CEO of one of Warren Buffet’s companies, all the way to becoming a real estate entrepreneur and jumping (well, actually being shoved) off the proverbial plane without a parachute so that I had to assemble one on my way down.

There’s no doubt about the importance of smart goals and business savvy when it comes to long-term wins. But, I succumbed to the illusion that the more money, titles, and freedom I fought for the happier I’d become.

In reality, this only led me to alcoholism, financial obstacles, relationship challenges, and the never-ending quest to fill the “hole in my soul.”

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God - as
in the source & sum
of all that is

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When I finally gained the courage to continue to ask and act on the question “Is this really all there is to life?”, I received the deeper answers that propelled me to openly Invite God In (I see God as the source and sum of ALL that is).

Without reservation, I have Invited God Into(IGI) my business, life, and relationships. And they have all dramatically and positively shifted as a result.

I found that incorporating my spiritual values into my work did not prevent material success, but it allowed me to become even more abundant and successful because I began to live my deepest purpose in, and as, my work.

This is not about any religion or man-made images of the divine, but instead, about the Divine Universal Secret Source gifted to all of us to help manifest our true soul’s destiny.

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It’s your responsibility and path to unwrap the gift and let the journey begin in a whole new dimension of knowledge, wisdom, energy, purpose, partnership, happiness, and joy.

I’d like to offer you, your business, AND your audience the same powerful transformation that has advanced my personal, professional, and spiritual life.

You deserve it, and this world deserves your fullest contribution.

“Every human being is on a transformational journey made up of distinct choices and acts. It’s easy to recognize each chapter based on critical events called “doorways of no return”. Discover what happens when you actively open the doors of IGI vs EGO.”

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IGI & The Coronavirus Part 3: From Crisis to Opportunity

What is the deeper, spiritual significance of the Coronavirus event? And how can you view it from an IGI perspective that will help you navigate these chaotic times and evolve to experience more goodness in all aspects of your life.


IGI & The Coronavirus Part 1: Personal and Business Perspectives

This virus is having a major impact on our work lives and businesses. While it is impossible to stop this pandemic from harming your business completely, there are many things that you can do to minimize the damage. If you use this situation intelligently, you can even come out at the end of this crisis having evolved in your business beyond what you could have if everything had continued as before.

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Searching for a speaker who walks his talk? Steve Rodgers is known for uplifting thousands of audiences with powerful messages on Servant Leadership, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, Managerial Mastery, the Key Drivers to Scaling Success, and much more. Every lesson Steve teaches has been successfully tested over decades on multiple business platforms including Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential, WellsFargo, International Rotary Conventions and hundreds of large Entrepreneurial conferences to ensure that your audience experiences a lasting personal and professional transformation.

“Your amazing passion to create an impact by helping us master our selves, taking interest in adding value to ourselves, improving our career trajectory through continuous learning improvement of ourselves and others gives us a clearer direction of living a more purposeful life. ”
ELVI SANCHEZ – Quiazon, President, Rotary Club Muntinlupa North

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“How do you create the best business and the best ‘you’ amidst life’s obstacles? Steve takes you on his journey step by step.”

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, Author of the NYT and WSJ #1 Best Seller Triggers and World top ranked executive coach.

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Steve has climbed both the corporate and entrepreneurial ladders, manifesting his own success in small businesses, midsize companies, and massive corporate enterprises. If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur, executive, or team desiring TRUE balance, growth, abundance, and fulfillment in life and business, Steve has the specific IGI principles to help you get there quickly.

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“Steve has the unique ability to be both very bottom-line oriented and hard-driving, all the while an excellent people-oriented manager who people want to work hard for. He is one of the most outstanding leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.” GARY RANKER, Global CEO Coach