Coaching is a personal experience meant for individuals seeking support.

For business-related guidance concerning your company or corporation, please see our Consulting services.

Coaching focuses on an individual seeking support to help create a more balanced and effective business & personal life. It is usually a more private and personal experience; the coach and coachee work together. To insure the many levels of business, life and spirit are being maximized. Coaching is adjust more to the smaller-midsize entrepreneurs who do not have larger corporate systems in place to help in various areas of growth. Those who have coaches usually move through challenges, obstacles and blocks much faster than others. And when success is materialized and maximized to a 10X factor, a good coach will surely help be part of this result. Coaching is very customized and each program is modify towards an individual’s needs, wants and desires.

We use our Lead to Gold Formula to help you get there faster and with more reward. See if the areas described below resonate with some of the areas you would like to improve in your life and business.

Perhaps you find yourself:

  • At a crossroad, feeling a little lost, or waking up to the realization that a deeper, more meaningful success may be possible in your life, career or business?
  • Struggling with stress and time management issues or just longing for greater clarity, confidence, presence or sense of purpose?
  • Wanting to grow your business, leverage your strengths, become a far more effective leader, find your niche, learn to better delegate, communicate more effectively, have far more satisfying relationships?
  • Wondering how to create your own clear, specific life purpose? What is your life legend?
  • Lacking a spiritual connection to God, the universe, mother nature and wondering what is life all about anyway? Have you ever asked yourself after achieving successes “Is this all there is?”
  • Is health and fitness a priority and do you need to create a committed daily ritual to help you get there?
  • Interested in creating not only a strong and effective business plan but a well-rounded life plan?
  • Simply not getting the results you want and looking for the best in professional support to get clear, get a plan, and move past your doubts, fears and distractions to make a genuine breakthrough?

If any of these ring true for you, just know you are not alone. We all have important changes that we struggle to achieve by ourselves. Psychologists call these “adaptive changes” because they require us to grow, adapt, or otherwise move past our current mindset, habits or beliefs. Coaching is excellent at supporting you through these sort of changes. In the spiritual kingdom the saying goes “the soul understands what the mind cannot conceive.” So the question remains how do you get the soul, mind and body to unite in a clear and focused way? Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and having a supportive coach keeping you committed will get you to components to finding your way. Then of course there is accountability and having someone besides yourself keep you committed to creating your ideal life, business and legacy.

With Alchemy Advisors, coaching is easily customized to meet your individual needs. We work together to help you clearly define what you most want, learn what you need to learn, move past whatever is currently getting in your way, and create a plan that aligns with your values and builds on your strengths. It’s about supporting you to make all the changes needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

As a professional service done right coaching consistently helps deliver a high return on investment  (some over 500%) and can be a powerful partner in helping you achieve far greater levels of success, happiness and fulfillment. (Our studies have shown a 98.5% client satisfaction rate.)

In our business and life coaching practice, we provide a personal guarantee that you will get value out of every single session. If you are serious about making some important desired changes, we would love to chat with you and give you a feel for what might be possible by working together. Alchemy Advisors is here to help create the perfect chemistry for you in creating your own “Lead to Gold Formula” of success and fulfillment. We want you to experience that something extra special and learn more deeply about the potion of a happy and purposeful life! We are committed to helping people transition, transform and evolve to their highest good!

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”
― John Wooden