Why Failure is the Key to Success

Success is 99 percent failure.”

This is a powerful truth spoken by Soichiro Honda, who started in a wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors and built the multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturing company, Honda.

When we look at all the successful people globally, billionaires such as Elon Musk or Bill Gates, we get the impression that they have the golden touch and all of their endeavors have been successful. However, we don’t hear that all of these individuals overcame many failures before they became wildly successful.

Famous Failer: Colonel Sanders

A classic example of persistence, perseverance, and overcoming failures is Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder. His young adulthood consisted of a string of failures, one after another. After dropping out of school in the seventh grade and enlisting in the army, he was honorably discharged just a year later. The Colonel then was fired through his own poor behavior(he seemed to have a knack for getting into fights). He even had to move back in with his parents and resort to selling life insurance!

After suffering through the Great Depression with the rest of the country, he tried to start a lamp company, but somebody already was selling a better lamp, so his business failed. After that, Sanders began making his later to be famous chicken but the restaurant and hotel burned to the ground. He rebuilt only for World War II to caused his business to fold.

When he tried to franchise his restaurant, his chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before finally being accepted. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Colonel Sanders had to fail spectacularly in many different ways before finally achieving success late in his life

Success and Failure Are Just a Perspective

I have learned that “success” and “failure” are both just a perspective. And I tell myself and others about the importance of getting into the DNA of your mind and your soul and making it a deep part of you that as you breathe daily and live daily, both of those things are compatible. When you can do this, you know that success is part of failure and failure is part of success.

Michael Jordan understood this deeply. While he had an amazingly successful career, he also missed the game-winning shot and lost the critical playoff game many times for every game-winning shot or NBA finals victory. The quote below encapsulates how all successful individuals are also experts in failure.

The Journey to Success is Built on Failures

The willingness to fail is crucial to success because it means you are pushing the boundaries and have the boldness to do something wholly unique and innovative. As Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

By looking at it this way, you no longer need to be afraid of failing because you understand that the road to success is built upon all of your failures along the way. Thomas Edison was one of America’s greatest inventors with over 1,000 patents to his name. Despite this, he, again and again, failed to invent a light bulb that consistently worked.

Rather than viewing his attempts as “failures,” he re-framed them as steps on the way to success, saying, “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb.”

It’s a long road to success, and people think that you’re successful when you hit a particular milestone or you have a certain amount of money you make. People see all the great stuff, but there is the whole journey that it took to get to that spot.

Lead to Gold: Extracting Positive from Negative

Central to my philosophy is the Alchemical idea of transforming Lead into Gold. This can have many different meanings, but concerning this topic, it means turning your failures into your success.

I look at any failures, challenges, or obstacles and see how quickly I can get to the mindset of “what’s the gift in this?”, “what am I supposed to be learning from this?”, “How can I benefit from this, and how can I help others?”, “What is God trying to share with me?”

The universe is always trying to communicate with you and show you the way forward; it is tapping me on the shoulder more and more to listen, be open, and be present in the present moment.

What I really continue to work on doing, and it’s not always easy for sure, is how can I find as much gratitude and joy and appreciation in the challenging things of life or what we perceive as failures. Sometimes it takes longer for that to show up; it’s not immediate gratification. But when you can find gratitude in the things that don’t go your way, you then open yourself up to new inspiration, new possibilities, and the quality of grace that allows you to make that alchemical transformation from lead to gold in your life and business.

Failures as Quantum Leaps on the Journey of Life

Failure is inevitable on the way to success, and rather than being something to fear, it is something to embrace and have gratitude for what it can teach you about yourself and life.All the things I look at as my past failures, they’ve also been significant quantum leaps in my resilience, my belief system, and my stamina for life.

I like to say that “resistance is the price you pay for the dream you say you want.” And when you follow your dreams, you will experience all kinds of resistance. The key is in framing those remittances so that they are not blocks in your path but instead steps that are perfectly placed to give you the experiences and teach you the lessons you need to learn to achieve your goals and dreams.

I have experienced plenty of challenges and what may be called failures. Whether it was getting fired from Berkshire Hathaway, my health challenges, almost dying, quitting alcohol or quitting smoking cigarettes when I was in my 20s, or having companies or relationships not work out as you think that they might.

These all seemed like significant failures at the time, but now I can see that they are all part of the journey, part of the experience of growing, learning, and evolving as a human being and as an entrepreneur.

It was the challenges of these failures that provided the necessary friction and pressure to force me to evolve to greater levels, just as it is the pressure upon the coal that turns it into the diamond. So in that way, I seek to be grateful for failures and challenges as they are all part of the tapestry of life.

I encourage you to focus on being present in the moment and realizing that all the trials and tribulations are part of the journey, and you can’t have success without failure.

You can’t have cold without hot, night without day, Yin without Yang, happiness without sorrow, and you can’t have success without failure.
Both of these experiences are one side of the two-sided coin of life.

When you allow the difficult experiences to be what they are, you remain in the balanced point where you can re-define those experiences as being positive and ultimately serving you in experiencing more of the positive side of the coin.

So the key takeaway here is to understand that failure is inevitable on the way to success, and rather than being something to fear, it is something to embrace and have gratitude for what it can teach you about yourself and life.

After decades of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur, I am well experienced in both failure and success and how to navigate them. I am now available for a complimentary introductory coaching call where I can guide you and your business through these challenges. Go here to sign up.

The 4 B’s: A Powerful Accountability Practice for the Four Main Areas of Your Life

As we are just a few weeks into the New Year and many are making resolutions and setting intentions for 2021, I’d like to share a personal accountability practice that I have been doing for many years.

An accountability practice is something that keeps you focused and committed to your goals. Many successful individuals find that having a system to keep them accountable is a key part of their success.

I call my accountability system The 4 B’s, and they represent the four main areas of my life that I seek to maintain and improve to ensure that I keep evolving and becoming a better version of myself every day, one step at a time.

The 4 B’s Are:

  • Body: My physical health
  • Being: My spiritual health
  • Bonds: The health of my relationships
  • Business: My financial health and abundance in my work


Practices to improve your Body can include eating a healthy diet, doing some form of exercise, getting a massage, doing some form of physical work, yoga, etc.


Practices to nurture your Being can include meditation, yoga, prayer, taking a walk in nature, going to your church, synagogue, temple, etc., or any other practice or ritual that increases your spiritual connection.


Activities to strengthen your Bonds may include calling an old friend on the phone, spending time with your family, attending a social event, doing something to help a loved one, co-worker, or friend, among many other actions.


Actions to improve your Business may include creating new content, learning a new skill, taking a course, or anything you do that is working on your business or working in your business.

Here is a sample chart filled out for one week:

The simple chart below has a space for each B for each day of the week. I score myself as either a “0”, a “.5”, or a “1” for each category depending on whether I did something that day to cultivate each area.

At the end of the week, I add up each daily tally to get the weekly score. This has been a powerful practice that shows me exactly where I may be neglected an area of my life so that I can take measures to rectify it.

Below I’ve created a link where you can download the blank 4 B’s sheets to start your own practice.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

Announcing The E-Zen Masterclass & Webinar Series

To meet the current challenge, I am for the first time offering my complete system of business success and Spiritual Intelligence in my E-Zen Masterclass.

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These times are unlike any ever before in the history of humanity. The events of 2020 and the Coronavirus only rapidly accelerated an already decades-long process of change in the business sphere, in our economies, and in every facet of our lives

Create Your Destiny

This has made it all the more a necessity that you be, as Nassim Taleb calls it, “antifragile”. In other words, that you be captain of your own ship and not rely on anything or anyone external to you such as a company to deposit a paycheck in your account a few times a month.  The fact is, that for many of us, this type of security is no longer available.

In my own life, it was only when I was fired from my prolific CEO position that I was, in a way, forced to evolve and set off on my own by starting my own real-estate business. That business was very successful, despite the fact that in 2008 when it was started the U.S. was in the midst of a serious recession and a real-estate crunch. 

While the change and uncertainty of our times may lead to fear, it is precisely in these times that we receive the shocks and promptings that we must create our own destiny rather than waiting for something to happen to us.  

I am sure that we will look back at the years of 2020 and 2021 and see them as the turning point where some individuals went down with the sinking ship of their old beliefs about the world and their soon-to-be-obsolete job, while others saw the changing winds and shifted to a totally new consciousness as it relates to their business and professional work as well as their personal life and state of consciousness.

A Proven System For Business and Life Success

I have previously offered face-to-face coaching and consulting sessions to help entrepreneurs and executives take their business to the next level – but with the changing times due to COVID-19, I am now pivoting to hosting webinars and creating an online course to share my total life and business system with others.

This is the perfect time for you to pivot to a totally new strategy in your life and business. To turn that idea you’ve been thinking about into a tangible side-hustle, to radically re-think how your organization operates, or even to set off in a totally new direction altogether as an entrepreneur bringing your unique gift to the world.  And to do this while simultaneously transforming your mental, emotional, and spiritual approach to your life’s journey. 

The E-Zen Masterclass

Therefore, I am very excited to announce the unveiling of my E-Zen Masterclass and introductory webinar series. 

Starting Thursday, October 15th I will be holding a series of totally free webinar presentations to provide you with actionable tips and proven strategies gathered from my own experiences overcoming adversity while leading billion-dollar companies and creating my own companies. 

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Learn the Keys to Both Business and Spirituality & How they are Both Integral
to your Fulfillment and Success

Keys to Business Success

You will take an in-depth dive into my Lead To Gold Formula designed to help you transition, transform, and evolve to your highest good in business and in life.

Spiritual Intelligence

Through exploring the 7 IGI Principles from my newest book, we will cover the essential building blocks to living a life aligned with your deepest purpose. 

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What is an IGI Moment?

When you are fully present and totally open to what is occurring within and without you, you cease to Edge God and Goodness Out(ego) and instead allow it in.

I call this listening to the inner knowingness “IGI“, or Inviting God and Goodness In.

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IGI is pronounced “iggy”. Similar to Will Smith’s famous 90’s song “Get Jiggy Wit’ It”, or if you are a bit older you may know David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

Living in IGI is a moment-to-moment practice of coming back to the center of your being and acting from that infinite knowing which is available when you dig down deep enough to allow it to unfold in your life. 

IGI Moments happen when we Invite God and Goodness In.

When you do this, you may find that all people, all things, and all situations contain goodness and light – you only must be present and open enough to allow them to reveal themselves to you.

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God is in all things and all things are in God

What is an IGI Moment?

IGI moments are those experiences of grace, beauty, surrender, forgiveness, trust, and gratitude.

They are called IGI Moments because it can only happen in a moment – in a time outside of time and a place outside of space.

Because it only takes a moment to listen within, Invite Goodness In, rather than Edging Goodness Out – to live in IGI rather than EGO.

These are IGI Moments.

Try Inviting God and Goodness In and you will discover IGI Moments and synchronicity occurring every day of your life.

My new book will offer insights and strategies for discovering IGI for yourself and will be launching this Friday

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