The power of being present in the present moment through the heart

The conversational video between Tom and Steve focuses on the fact of how knowing your higher self can be of tremendous value for you and the people around you. We, as people, tend to get stuck in our ego and don’t realize the importance of being present in every moment.

When we start to go beyond our mind and realize the power of the cosmic energy that is present all around us, we begin to transform ourselves. Also, how not knowing and not making any assumptions about anything can help you see the trueness of this life. So this is a brief and enriching conversation that will help you to understand the value of “seeking” in life as well as manifesting a more Awakened Life.

Foot Note:

Tom Kelly was born in Los Angeles in 1950 and right from his childhood, he had an aspect of devotion within himself. Later in his life, he got a deep yearning inside to explore his connection with God and he turned into a full-time Raja Yogi. He explored and engaged his life into spiritual training and lived as a monk for 25 years. Tom has been a Yoga teacher for Steve for several years and later he turned into a spiritual coach and advisor for him. They both share a strong connection of love and respect between themselves.

Doing Well By Doing Good

In today’s world, more and more people are learning to define success not just in dollars, but in how much their work helps others and the world as a whole.  The idea of “doing well by doing good” is a powerful way of inviting goodness into your company and your life as you find ways to express your gifts as an act of service for all.

In my own life, I have experienced the profound effects of having an attitude and orientation towards service. From a young age, the value of being of service to others has been instilled in me as both of my parents’ careers were defined by service – my father served in the military and my mother served as a nurse.  From their humble example, I learned by their daily actions much more than their words about humble service to the greater good. 

These virtues were crystallized in my own early experiences in the Boy Scouts and then in my teenage years working in restaurants where it was my job to wait on others and ensure they were taken care of. 

Since then, I have continued to hold many different positions with more and more responsibility and opportunity for leadership. Yet, the values that have enabled my success remain the same, whether it was waiting tables or directing a company with hundreds of employees.

The more you do good and the more you help others – the more you personally succeed.

By paying it forward and using your talents and energies to be of service to others you are inviting good in, you are living in IGI rather than ego.

Businesses That Do Well, Do Good

The existential threat of climate destruction and the increasingly obvious corruption and injustices in our society mean that a conscious, activist mindset is no longer only a fringe value.  If we don’t take action in our individual lives to ensure that our actions serve to better humanity and the Earth, then we are contributing only to more suffering and injustice in the world. 

It is an old, outdated, and false idea that the way to succeed in business in life is to get ahead at all costs and to care nothing for the greater good. The world is rapidly changing, and there is no longer any place for financial success without moral integrity.  In the past, these two things could be mutually exclusive. However, today, businesses and individuals must “do good” to “do well”.

Therefore, people are seeking to do business with, and buy products from organizations that are conscious and acting in integrity in all aspects of their operation – whether that be how they treat their employees, their impact on the environment, and the overall consciousness of the business.

The old paradigm believed that one had to choose either financial success or helping others and that one could not accomplish both.  The business leaders of today and tomorrow understand that one does not have to choose between these two – but that the more one helps others the more personal success they and their business receive. 

To do well is to do good, and to do good is to do well. These two are one and the same. 

This becomes an ever-increasing flow of benefit for both which mutually magnifies the good you can do in the world and the amount of financial success you attain. 

Being of service invites more goodness, which in turn, drives more success.  This turns into a powerful ever-growing force of positive energy that permeates your entire company, from the management to employees and to the customers.  Everyone feels good about what they are doing and so has more energy and enthusiasm.  

Service to Self, Service to Others, & Service to All

Central to this is understanding that one does not have to choose between service to self and service to others.  A higher understanding knows that self and others are one. Therefore, service to others is service to self, and service to self is service to others. What we are doing is service to all.

You become rich by making others rich.  And not just financially. Ask yourself: How can I help myself and others become rich in all ways?  In one’s relationships, in one’s mental/emotional life, in one’s spirituality, and in one’s finances. 

Being of service to all implies that you understand that there is more to life than making profits and material gain.  You understand that you exist on this Earth to do your part in building a better world that we know is possible, that you contribute your unique piece of the puzzle.

The new paradigm is one of universal abundance and cooperation rather than the old false beliefs in scarcity and lack.  The truth is that there are more than enough resources for everyone on the planet to live in luxury and thus, there is no need to attempt to get ahead by trampling others on your way to the top of the pile.  

You can succeed in business through helping others and helping humanity as a whole.  These two are not mutually exclusive, and truly never were! And today, more than ever people are demanding and seeking to work with and give their money to individuals and companies that live this principle of “doing well by doing good”.

From Ego to IGI

The biggest shift in my life, the one that has radically transformed all aspects of my health, relationships, and work – is the transformation from living in ego to IGI.

There are many different definitions of what ego is, but the one that resonates for me is one I read years ago in a book by Wayne Dyer in which he referred to ego as “Edging God Out”.  This definition simply and directly reveals how our self-obsession closes us off from the higher power and intelligence which is all around us and is the very source of our existence.  We become like a tree without roots, disconnected from the very source of our own life. 

My own journey has been the same as the perennial human quest to learn to transform from an ego-centered consciousness to a more expansive consciousness in which the ego is the servant of a higher power.  A path I am still walking daily.

As I daily seek to live in a way that does not edge goodness out, inspiration struck and I coined a term that is the exact opposite of ego in every way.  

This word is IGI: Inviting God In

(Or Inviting Goodness In if you prefer not to use the word God with all of its accompanying theological baggage.)

Where ego isolates you from existence by the false belief that you are separate from everyone and everything else, IGI is a reminder that you are intimately connected with all of creation.  Where you once pushed goodness out in your ignorance, you know invite goodness in because you understand the power of surrender and allowing your life to be informed by a deeper purpose. 

My own life has been the story of moving from ego to learning to surrender into IGI.  I was always attempting to fill that hole in my soul, that inner longing, yet attempting to fill it in all the wrong ways.  I was living in ego, edging God and goodness out through seeking business success while succumbing to alcohol addiction and neglecting my relationships and health. 

By seeking God in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways I was only reinforcing my ego.  Rather than inviting goodness in and allowing my life to unfold, I was continually shutting it out.  It was only when my own suffering and my impact on those I loved the most became so great that the shell of my ego was broken and a little light was allowed to enter my being. 

I saw the two paths that my life could go.  Down one path I saw a broken old man who would die unfilled, down the other I saw a healthy man full of life and joy.  When the consequences of my way of living were seen so directly, I had no other choice but to radically change. Since that day, my life has completely been transformed as I practice every day the discipline of remaining in IGI. 

Now, my daily mantra when I am faced with a decision is to ask myself: “Am I in ego or IGI?”

This brings me back to what is truly important, back to my inner orientation.  Taking a moment to be inwardly silent and tune in to the energy behind my actions is a constant reminder to act in IGI.

All too often, individuals in their ignorance believe that ego is “bad” and needs to be eliminated.  However, a healthy ego is a good thing and an entirely necessary aspect of being human. It is good to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to seek your own happiness. If you didn’t have an ego, a separate sense of self, you wouldn’t be able to feed yourself or protect yourself from others who may take advantage of you. 

However, the ego must be in its proper place.  It must be the servant of your heart and mind, never the master.  The ego only becomes a problem when it becomes a tyrant and serves to “edge God out”.  That is, when it sees itself as God, sees itself as the greatest power in existence. The person acting in ego pushes God out by believing that they are God – that they are the center of the universe.  

Essential to transitioning from EGO to IGI is learning to let go and trust. Like myself, individuals who are seeking success in business are often highly goal-oriented and like to be in control.  They operate under the belief that they must do everything themselves and make everything happen.

This attitude can serve you as you learn to be self-sufficient and understand that success won’t fall into your lap without your hard work.  However, there comes a time in our lives when we come to understand that along with our hard work and attempt to realize our goals, we must also learn to surrender our personal will so as to open ourselves to an intelligence that transcends our own.  

By moving from ego to IGI we learn that by “inviting God in” we gain more than we could ever possibly have by acting alone.  We surrender our egoic separate self and open ourselves to being supported and inspired by a force that is infinitely more wise and powerful than our limited, thinking self. 

Many see surrender as a giving up of one’s power.  However, surrender is not giving up your power, but surrendering to the power you already and have always contained but didn’t even realize.  We are suggesting that by inviting goodness in one surrenders their false, pseudo-power for their true power which they tap into when they allow themselves to follow their heart and be in service to the whole, rather than a selfish, separate self. 

If we can do this, we may find that things magically fall into place better than we could ever have imagined.  That when we relax our expectations and insistence upon a particular outcome, something better than our wildest imaginings can manifest.  The fact is that we don’t know what the best possible outcome is, and by relinquishing our white-knuckled grip our lives can naturally and spontaneously provide us with exactly what we need.  

EGO is Edging GOod Out
IGI is Inviting GOod In

The IGI principles I am daily learning and applying have transformed my life.  I encourage you to use this same simple word to remind yourself to forgive, surrender, and be in service in your life. 

I think you will find, just as I did, that the peace and fulfillment that you so deeply seek is already yours and present always.  You just need to get out of your own way and open yourself to your true purpose of being on this Earth.  

Try incorporating IGI in your own life as you shift your inner orientation from edging GOod(ness) out to Inviting GOod(ness) in!

Turning Inwards to Explore Your Hidden Capabilities

All human beings have a similar amount of inner capabilities when they are born in this beautiful world. However, some are able to channel their energy and use their mind in the right direction to produce results. While others are not able to maintain the right balance and struggle with everything that they do in life.  

Have you ever wondered why it is so? It is because people are too busy with the distractions all around them that they never pay much attention to themselves. We, as a piece of life, have every little detail within ourselves that can help us to explore our strengths and capabilities. But due to lack of attention, we often keep rotating in the same habitual circles.

Seeing the Inner Potential

There are several methods and techniques that can be used for internal growth and realizing your inner potential. These methods have the power of making a person realize their true capabilities. Ancient Indian texts teach self-knowledge through yogic practices and Zen focuses on the development of self through meditation. Most of the time, a person needs external help from a counselor, guide, or a guru that helps in seeing the right path for them. But people today are so involved in their little world that they do not even consider exploring spiritual teachings or finding a teacher. 

By limiting the mind, one destroys the possibilities of what can be achieved, and that is a big loss to humanity. By accepting the help of a professional and exploring the inner dimensions, one can grow to the extent that they have never even thought of before.  

The mind is an excellent tool and if one knows how to control and use it consciously, it can help in creating wonders. But sadly, most people are suffering within their own minds by constantly and compulsively thinking and imagining. When one understands how to use their mind, they invariably produce the best results –  not only for themselves but for the world around them.

Some of the benefits of turning inwards are:

  • Better Decision Making 

Your level of awareness decides the quality of your decisions. When one focuses on finding themselves from within, they can then truly comprehend the situation and know their options. A good decision is always made when you see things the way they are without any prejudices or opinions.  

  • Unlimited Access to Happiness

The best thing about turning inwards is that you discover real inner happiness that does not depend on outer circumstances. Whatever may be happening around you, your happiness will be decided by you and you will never lose opportunities to stay happy. 

  • Freedom from Fear 

We all have missed many good opportunities because of some fear within us. When we turn inwards and realize the potential of being human, we set ourselves free from these fears and then experience positive results. 

  • Building Character

Once we are able to look at things with an honest heart, we create a character for ourselves that brings well-being for ourselves and everyone around us. This is very important, as with the right attitude you can do the things that you find most important in your life. These are the things that in doing them you find true fulfillment. 

Final Thoughts

So, by looking within and understanding the true meaning of what it means to be human, a person can do things in a completely different manner. This enables the hidden capabilities of a person to be expressed as we make significant changes in the world and in ourselves. 

Why Do People Struggle in Deciding Their Purpose?

“A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.”
  – Eileen Caddy

Having an aim or a purpose in life is extremely important for living a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life. Your aim in life is what helps you build an identity as an individual. However, there are millions of people who struggle in deciding their aim. All these people are living their lives by accident and constantly looking for someone or something to blame for things happening in their lives. This is one of the main reasons that people feel anxiety, stress, and tension in their life. 

When one decides what they want from their life, they become committed to it and do whatever possible to make it happen. They start prioritizing their work according to the importance of things in their life. While fulfilling their vision, people get the strength to do things that they wouldn’t have imagined themselves doing and that is what makes their life more fulfilled. 

Reasons Why People Struggle to Find Their Purpose

There are various reasons why people struggle in life to find their aim. Below are some of those reasons:

  • Lack of Introspection

People are often too busy fulfilling the dreams of others and never pay much attention to what makes them happy. If they introspect, they will understand the meaning of life and what is best for them to do. Once they figure this out, they won’t waste any time in deciding an aim for their life.  

  • No Priorities

One of the most prominent reasons why people struggle to find an aim is that they do not have priorities in their lives. People just relentlessly keep on going in their lives without deciding what is important and what isn’t. It is essential for human beings to make priorities in life because once priorities are made, they start looking at the ways to fulfill them. There are a wide range of people who do not have any priorities set in their life, which leads them to various forms of suffering.

  • Refrain from Asking Help

Many never consider asking for help from their friends, family, or a professional. Some of them are egoistic and think nobody knows more than them, which destroys the many possibilities in their life. Some lack confidence and are not able to ask for help. Many such people fall into the trap of depression over time. 

  • Too Afraid of Career

Many people make their career such a big thing in their minds that they often get buried under the pressure of it. From a very young age, due to their surroundings or environment, people make their careers such a big thing that the only thing in their mind is earning a living. They get so involved in making money, that they never open to the option of exploring what is best for them to do. 


Every human has come with a limited amount of time in this world. So, each one of us must take some time out of our daily life, leaving behind all the compulsions, and figure out their true purpose. When one figures out what is best for them to do, they are able to find a purpose and live a joyful and accomplished life.

Manifesting Your Vision Into Reality

Actions turn into results when one pays the right amount of attention, shows full involvement in the work, and is consistent in that work. This can be achieved by those who have the power to control their mind and emotions. 

We become what our mind thinks. We are nothing but a product of our own thoughts. Our thoughts and energies continuously keep creating the life we are consciously or unconsciously thinking of. So if one learns how to become selective of their thoughts and emotions, they can create the life they desire.

Where to Start?

To make your dream into reality, the first thing required is that you must be crystal clear on your dream. 

The following steps can be considered for achieving your dream:

  • Know Your Vision

You should choose a dream that will bring you a sense of joy and that you can’t wait to complete it. Once chosen, note it down on a piece of paper. After that, you should calculate the time required for achieving that dream. Make sure to be specific with the timelines that you are thinking. This keeps you connected with your dream and gives you a better chance of achieving it on time.

  • Create a Plan 

Once the goal is clear in your mind, then it is time for you to create a plan. This step is very important for fulfilling your vision and should not be undermined at any cost. A good plan is essential when you want to achieve something. So think of the ways through which your dream can be achieved and create a plan.

  • Get into Action

When your plan is all ready, it is the time for action. While you act on your plan, remember to stay determined and focused. Most people are able to complete the first two steps, but when it comes to the action they lose their determination after a few days or weeks. 

In order to stay focused, the first thing is to be deeply identified with the goal. If you have a goal that you want to achieve at any cost, your body and mind themselves generate the power to keep going.

Also, you should set milestones for the work that you are doing. This way you get a sense of accomplishment when you achieve a target. You gain energy to work for the next milestone and are able to achieve your dream without a struggle.


Transforming your vision into reality can be achieved if you stay committed to the work that you are doing. All you need to do is believe in your vision and stay determined and focused on achieving it. Once you have enough passion for your dream, you will surely figure out the way to achieve it and make it a reality in your life.